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Feeding children's mouth's microbiome nutrients is essential to the livelihood of their thriving oral health and overall well-being.

Recommendations Age and Product:

0-2-3 1/2 years old only a wet toothbrush.

2year+ Fairy Dust Tooth Vitamins

3 1/2 years old Nirvana Kids TPOTH paste, Nirvana Flossing OIl, and Fairy Dust.

When kids are sick, either use 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean brushes or recycle toothbrush.  

Nirvana Clean Toothrush Solution is a dental grade 3% hydrogen peroxide use daily to clean your brush,  especially use it if child is immune compromised, or ill. 

DIY: can also purchase 3% hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy.  Please make sure you wash toothbrush thoroughly, and never ingest it.