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7 Kids Steps to Feeding Their Teeth!

7 Kids steps to Feeding Their Teeth!

Professional Dental Advice from Sonia Pellerino, Biological, Registered Dental
Adults must join in the oral care routine with your children.  It’s ok to have an extra brush or floss lol.  They mimic you.  Pick up Tooth foods for yourself as well.   Our kids tpoth isn’t sweet, it isn’t grooming your child’s sugar taste buds, it’s grooming taste buds that are exceptional for happiness and development.  Avoid xylitol, it causes gut inflammation and gum inflammation aka gum disease, red bleeding gums. leading to cavities-the irony.   It’s over processed and overused, misused as well. Sweet and obnoxious.

MINDSET:  HAPPY, SILLY, STORY TELLER, SING, AND HAVE FUN said the wise old fairy and owl.
2x a day morning and night  
morning is before eating!  Premise is you are preparing your teeth by feeding them  so then you can eat after.  If there is food caught you can have the fairy dust and extra tooth brush in kitchen, give a 30 second rinse with water first, then quick 30 sec brush feeding fairy dust, and give them a quick rinse- don’t want them to be unconfutable at all on way to school.  
Snacking teeth cleaning:  well lets prepare your teeth by feeding them Fairy Dust – quick 30 sec clean, spit, have them rinse if needed.  Use before snacking or after if not possible,  look at fairy dust tooth vitamin number 7.

  1. RINSE with Sea Salt Rinse: Hello Mouth, I love you, and appreciate you.
    Make this with your kiddos.  Have a mason jar of high grade sea salt in washroom.   Add a tiny kids pinch of salt to 8 oz glass water.  Mix the magic potion.  Not too salt, like 2-3 crystals.   Pleasant and not strong at all.   Quick swish and spit into your sink.  Mositurizes, awaken and increase saliva ph.
  2. TONGUE SCRAPE Wake up body, bye bye stinky bacteria.
    Scrape tongue once, super gentle- the weight of a quarter. Child’s tongue is supper delicate.
    Add  1-2 drops of Kids Flossing Oil into palm of hand, smoush floss into it. (Floss length fingers to elbow)  NEVER EXTEND FLOSS UNDER GUMS.  CHILDREN DOESN’T HAVE ATTACHED GUM TISSUE.  Slide oily floss between teeth.  Sing a song, share a silly story, and say I love you so much.
    Only use a plastic or biodegradable flossing wand if your child has a disability and is physically or mentally are unable to floss.  (consult dental professional for oral care support.). Otherwise with patience children can.   Ask for care and support.
     Remember, Flossing with a string is a brain exercise, provides discipline, awareness, concentration, focus and dexterity.   Brings a connectiveness to their teeth and body.
    flavor: vanilla, citrus, forest blend, very unusual- and very mild. Less is more.
    my 6 year old helped develop taste at age 4 years. 
    Kids love it, takes time for adjustment for some from the sweet unnatural flavors, to be expected, but have patience, kids are geniuses they know what’s best, and frankly this is what they have, use it, or lose you teeth!  They  will decide,  when we explain to children why, repeating patiently – trusting they will love it or at least use it.  Make cavity free and healthy teeth and gums a big deal at the dental office as well, and never say don’t be scared or afraid to go, don’t plant that seed, they may not even be thinking that way.  And that a projection. 

    Kid’s TPOTH, feed the teeth for 1 minute, 30 seconds top and 30sec. bottom,  ¼ of pearl size.  Little goes a long way. Make sure your bristles are soft to extra soft and always use a wet toothbrush!!! Never ever use a dry brush, too ouchie for our little growing mouths.
    Lets feed their growing oral microbiomes,  their ecosystems in their mouth!

    Share with your child, teeth are alive, they hear and feel all your words, emotions, and feel your bite!  They like biting and chewing food, that their playtime.  They loved to be fed just like you.   We are feeding the healthy bacteria food too, and guess what the healthy bacteria eats up the unhealthy bacteria.  They are super hero’s in your mouth.   If we don’t feed our teeth or healthy bacteria tooth foods, then the unhealthy bacteria will take over, making our mouth’s ecosystem,  a place for them to live and cause damage to our teeth, gums and saliva and our whole body!  Did you know that unhealthy bacteria can make us actually feel sad?  That’s our body telling us, Hi there, It’s time to feed your teeth Tooth Foods, and make us super happy and healthy again.

     Use our Clean Toothbrush Solution, cleaning solution after each morning-lunch-bedtime brush to clean viruses, bacteria, fungus from your toothbrush. 3% hydrogen peroxide, rinse brush thoroughly!

  5. TONGUE SCRAPEPurchase a copper Tongue Scraper.  Gently 1-2 strokes- the pressure is the weight of a quarter.
  6. RINSE Sea Salt Potion: Rinse and spit all tpoth out.
  7. Tooth Vitamin Treatment: Wet toothbrush, shake excess water off, dip your damp toothbrush into Tooth Foods Fairy Dust-brush teeth gently-leave on- spit extra saliva out. no rinsing. Feed the cells of your enamel and dentin! Calcium and Phosphate. IF CHILD NEEDS TO RINSE, TRY FOR AT LEAST 30 SECONDS ON,  WORK YOUR WAY UP,  Never say don’t rinse if they want to, please let them enjoy self care, and be in control of their oral health.  It’s a process. Be soft and gentle.

Kids should be having dental cleanings every 3-4 months.
what that looks like:  ride in chair,  15 min or less hand scale,  there maybe two teeth that have a build of plaque, you need to know where you are missing.
Your hygienist will glide over effortless other areas that don’t.  Polishing rules- bring your kids tpoth in for them to use always as the polish paste and gum mask.  Bring also,  kids flossing oil and salt rinse. 
 Instead of the fluoride treatment, you have them feed the teeth with Fairy Dust  and using a new toothbrush.  They will then give a demo of brushing,  and demo  having them floss with kids flossing oil.
Polishing every 6 months, but 3-4 month intervals, if there is plaque along the side surfaces of teeth, or biting surface a gentle spot polish is done complimentary. 
Text me:  We are accepting new clients, West end Toronto and North York Dental offices.  905-334-2873 for scheduling details.

Our 7 Steps to Optimal Oral Beauty does not replace visiting your Biological Dentist and Biological Dental Hygienist every 3-4 months for your professional biological dental cleaning and 6-12 month check up with your Biological Dentist.  If you need to get digital xrays, please schedule a complimentary call with Sonia Pellerino.
Looking for a biological dental office?  We can help guide you in the right direction.

Have a conversation with them your dental professional, regarding our 7 steps, asking if any modifications are necessary to benefit your individual oral care needs.

Schedule a complimentary oral beauty care consult, with our Biological Registered Dental Hygienist, Founder Sonia Pellerino practicing dentistry since 1997.