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Oral Irrigation Dental Syringe

  • Oral Irrigation Lavage
  • Oral Beauty Ritual

  • Oral Irrigation Dental Syringe 
    An oral lavage under the gums, feels sensational and helps to heal periodontal disease, inflamed wisdom teeth gums, and support healing inflamed gums from food impactions.
    Dental grade small, rigid metal blunt tip, easy to hold, especially for small hands.  We use this exact syringe and tip in our Biological Dental Hygiene Clinic- It's our favorite for oral irrigation. Use our Ocean Saltwater Rinse, DIY saline solution, and/or Nirvana Flossing Oil Gum Serum.  The syringe is reusable and can be cleaned with our Clean Toothbrush Oral Aid Solution.  

  • Gently fill solution of choice mindfully.  Apply tip at a 45-degree angle at the gum line between your teeth- the exact opening where you would insert your floss.  gentle push plunger to irrigate the site.  Irrigate each point of floss entry at each tooth 1-2x daily.  Irrigation is done when you have completed your brushing, rinse with Ocean rinse, then you irrigate when your mouth has been fully cleaned.