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Do You Want To Wake Up Without Bad Breath, or Daytime Bad Breath?

Do You Want To Wake Up Without Bad Breath, or Daytime Bad Breath?

Halitosis, oral malodor, or bad breath are all terms used to  refer to noxious odors from the mouth when breathing or talking?   
Use TOOTH  you can experience a normal taste in your mouth when you wake up.  And throughout the day.  Your oral microbiome is starving, we need to feed your healthy bacteria to rid you of your oral malodor.  

Bad breath is common at all times and places, and 31.8% of people worldwide have halitosis.  90% of the causes originate from the oral cavity.

The most common oral spaces where halitosis occurs include:

  • Posterior top of tongue
  • Various periodontal tissues such as the gingival sulcus, periodontal pockets
  • Interdental spaces
  • Defects around dental restorations
  • Dental carious lesions
  • Poorly maintained dentures, which become a niche for microbiota to live
  • Pathological conditions from oral sources that may contribute to or causes halitosis include periodontal diseases, xerostomia, candidiasis, abscesses, oral mucositis, and oral cancers.
  • Medical conditions or history can be illuminating information about the cause of halitosis. If halitosis originate from nonoral causes such as respiratory, gastrointestinal and hepatic, renal, endocrine or hematological disease, consultation should be done with the specialist. If the actual disease is not properly diagnosed and treated, the effect of halitosis will affect a person's social life and becomes bothersome.


Halitosis is mainly caused by the death of epithelial cells, blood cell debris, dental plaque, proteins in saliva and blood, and stinky sulfur-containing amino acids present in the creamy white to yellow-brown tongue coating.

Volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are produced through the decay of sulfur-containing amino acids and  gram-negative anaerobic microorganisms, associated with periodontal diseases.

Periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis are common, with a worldwide prevalence ranging from 20 to 50%.  Patients with periodontal diseases often complain about bad breath.

What is periodontal disease:

Periodontitis is a plaque-induced chronic inflammatory disease of the supporting periodontal tissues. As well as Inflammatory conditions and disease within body will also affect the inflammatory response with your gum tissue.  Gingivitis is a reactive disease that can be reversed by appropriate treatment; however, if left untreated, it can progress to a more severe form, periodontitis, which is characterized by irreversible damage to the periodontium and loss of bone or periodontal support.

Clinical symptoms of periodontitis include:

Oral malodor, bleeding gums, pain, increased tooth mobility, and tooth loss.

How does Halitosis effects your quality of life. 

Oral malodor is an embarrassing condition that affects a large percentage of the human population. This condition often results in nervousness, humiliation, and social difficulties, such as the inability to approach people and speak to them.

Tongue Oral Hygiene:

Studies showed the importance of tongue cleaning; reduction of VSC levels was found with the toothbrush 33%, with the tongue scraper 40%, and with the tongue cleaner 42%.

Good oral hygiene instruction is important for oral caused halitosis. Proper brush, dental floss, and inter-dental brush usage are very important of course. However, sometimes even if the periodontal health is perfect, tongue coating can be an important source of halitosis. The tongue dorsum can be a shelter for these bacteria. If a patient has geographic or fissure tongue, the coating will be more. Due to these reasons, cleaning of tongue dorsum by brushing, tongue scraper or tongue cleaner is important.   

Which Products do I use to stop Oral Malodour Halitosis:
Using Tooth
TPOTH Tooth & Tongue Serum, Awaken Oil Pulling, Oral Microbiome Flossing Serum, and Ocean Mouth Rinse.  Leave on Fairy Dust Probiotic Vitamins.
Disrupting and creating aerobic oral microbiome is important to combat oral malodor.  Having your professional dental cleaning every 2/5,  3 or 4 months.
Feeding and nourishing  your healthy bacteria in the oral microbiota is a key factor in strengthening your oral microbiome eco-system to eat and remove the sulphur compounds on the top of tongue, and plaque and biofilm on teeth, gums and tongue.
Use: Oil Pulling, Flossing with serum, and feeding with toothbrushing gently the top surface of your tongue with the TPOTH and teeth surfaces, tongue scraping 2-3x properly, and rinsing with the Ocean Mouth Rinse, helps to reduce morning and daytime halitosis.  Your oral health is starving.  Feed them TOOTH  Starving oral health begins to smell, the bacteria is angry! 

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