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The Full Moon in Scorpio Is a Supermoon Inviting You To Embrace Change

The Full Moon in Scorpio Is a Supermoon Inviting You To Embrace Change
We have a Super full moon in Scorpio, April 26, 2021@ 11:32pm EST .
Here is a game plan for you, when working with The Goddess Moon.


Guiding us to PRIORITIZE your sense of SELF-LOVE and
Repeat I love you, you are loved, during your oral care ritual.  Each swish, swipe of floss, brush of a tooth, and spit out love.
Nirvana Oral Care Ritual:
Bring out your rose quartz.  Place your Nirvana Oral Care products in the center of a circle of rose quartz, in the Pink FUll Moon.   Charge your Nirvana potions.
This full moon is called, pink full moon, with added potency of the supermoon it forms a super charge powerful opposition with Taurus stellium, (3 or more planets traveling in a single sign.  This stellium consists of the Taurus sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Black Moon Lilith.  
Action:  This planetary alignment bring the energies of  Support and guiding us  to release what is no longer working for you to live your highest self. I am support to live my birthright. 
The Goddess Moon, is bringing in the energy, Time to shift your way of thinking.  Take advantage of this glorious time to tap into this energy, and learn how it feels, to shift your thinking so you are supporting living your truth of who you are.
Ask the Moon Goddess, "Give me insight, and teach me how to shift my perception now, show me in tonight's mediation and dreams.  Journal what you see and hear.
The Goddess Moon, is creating the energy for you to easily make the decisions needed to change,  bringing you  in alimagnet to live your truth.   Feel and embody the energy of making decisions easily, connecting you to your intuition and the flow of the universe.  Being with the rhythm of life. 

Moon Goddess Wisdom: 

She is teaching you how to bring joy, ease and grace to your life, without sacrificing your joy, ease and grace.   
If a current life situation is bringing discomfort and resistance, use this  to pivot you in the direction that best support you living your truth.
This is an amazing time to use these energies to make the decision to leave a job, move to a new location, change a contract, end a relationship, or start one can all come up at this time. 
Using our Nirvana Abundance Toothpaste every morning next two weeks.
We are working with the planet of ABUNDANCE AND LOVE, Venus traveling in it home sign of Taurus.  When a planet is in their home sign, they can express its full frequency. 
This means, my  dear friend, Scorpio full moon is supporting and teaching you to bring in releasing what no longer is needed to support your highest truth and teaching and support you to embrace your worth and love for who you are.  Love all of you, especially your shadows.  
Remember, the Full Moons illuminate what has been hidden, and especially with planet Mercury, planet of  communication is  in the mix too, helping you hear the information that is being downloaded to you from the Goddess Moon, but also turing up your volume to your intuition, so you can cultivate confidence to trust your self, love yourself, and live the life that is your birthright. 
Pink Goddess Moon is bringing up new information that could be life-altering.  Very Exciting!
Black Moon Lilith and Uranus in Taurus’s energy is also pushing us to communicate our value, your self worth.  What do you value?  This is the time to h reclaiming our sovereignty and what we feel is right.

This is also a powerful time of manifestation.

The key is honoring your truth.   You must identify the reality you want to live in.  Write a list of everything you want in your life.  How exactly do you want to live your life? Be super specific.

This electrifying portal is giving the green light to innovate your life.

Pink Goddess Moon and sun are forming an inflexible fixed T-square with Saturn in Aquarius, reflecting onto you, my dear one the energies to take firm action, and change your reality.   You can easily shift the structures that no longer serve you.  Think of it, like lego pieces, and puzzle pieces you are moving around to build a new structure, and complete the puzzle you decided to build when you first entered this planet many lifetimes ago.   Living your true mission, unapologetically, speaking your truth, living from your higher self, fully embody your higher self,  that is your birthright. 


Full moon energy can manifest for up to two weeks after the event takes place, so knowing this, ask yourself how you can you work with your energy and make the most of this transit. Scorpio represents alchemy and shadow transformation, while Taurus is the ruler of self care and magnetism. Tapping into these two energies with mindfulness and metaphysical practices during this full moon can provide grounding clarity on your next steps.

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