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Ingredients to Avoid Feeding Your Teeth - Junk Food in Holistic and Mainstream Oral Care

Ingredients to Avoid Feeding Your Teeth - Junk Food in Holistic and Mainstream Oral Care

Here is a list of ingredients to avoid in your oral care products.

Nirvana TOOTH FOODS began formulation OF TPOTH in 2010. 13 years ago.  Formulated in our biological dental clinics, chairside- trying to help support and feed the oral microbiomes of our holistic dental hygiene clients- who wanted the help.

Their mouths were hungry, well actually the healthy bacteria were starving.

 Are your healthy bacteria starving?  Are you feeding your mouth's cells in your teeth, gums, and saliva?

 We make meals in biphotonic purple-violet glass jars for the cells in your teeth, gums, and saliva to feast on.  TPOTH is the food in our glass jar that you place on your toothbrush to feed, nourish, clean, refresh, and rejuvenate your teeth, gums, and saliva.  (the superfood of toothpaste)

 Using bio-minerals to help support the nourishment of your oral microbiome.  Using prebiotics to prepare the probiotics in your gut microbiome.

To feed the gums collagen to help nourish and strengthen the elasticity of your periodontal fibers.

 To feed and help alkaline your saliva to help bathe your teeth to feed themselves- providing a healthy drink for your teeth, and skin of your mouth

Junk Food List for Your Teeth:

Aqua:  Water is primarily used as a solvent to dissolve another ingredient.  Also use to form emulsions or binder.  There is not a lot of research on the effects that aqua has on the enamel, but do you want over filtered water on your teeth and oral microbiome.  Why use a toothpaste that needs water and binders?

Artificial sweeteners: We are over stimulating our children’s taste buds early first thing morning.  Using artificial sweeteners that are not supporting feeding your healthy bacteria in your oral microbiome.  Saccharin, sorbitol and xylitol are used to sweeten the toothpaste and over stimulate your taste buds.
Saccharin was linked to cancer, and is a petroleum-based sugar.
Sorbitol and Xylitol can cause gastrointestinal inflammation problems. 
Overuse especially in children causing nausea, abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea. Avoid products with xylitol including supplements, gums, candy and oral care.  The oral care industry praise xylitol suggesting it is beneficial to teeth and gums, but anything causing inflammation in the gut microbiome directly impacts the oral microbiome.  There is research stating that xylitol can kill bacteria, and help remineralization- but there also studies that have shown not too.  Claims and bandwagon of xylitol can be misleading.

Calcium Carbonate:  Research shows, can cause gastrointestinal inflammation if ingested disrupting the gut microbiome- impacting the oral microbiome.  As well kidney stones, joint problems, and calcifications.  Sourced from egg shells, chalk, marble or chalk.

Carbomer:  Also listed: sodium hydroxide, tetra sodium EDTA, or triethanolamine (TEA).  Gives the texture of what society has been conditioned to think toothpaste is.  It’s an acidic thickener for liquid, and a polymer of acrylic acid- gasoline production. 

Carrageenan: Red seaweed can cause gastrointestinal inflammation and disrupt gut microbiome, which has a direct impact on your oral microbiome.

Diatomaceous Earth & Bentonite Clay:  They are both clays that expand picking up good and bad bacteria.  Can possibly cause an imbalance in your oral microbiome.  Bentonite Clay known to have lead in it, to help remove lead within your body.  Lead is toxic.

Glycerin: Can prevent the teeth from re-mineralizing by coating the teeth with its sticky slimy consistency.  It’s a filler and used as a carrier for active ingredients.

Hydrated Silica is an abrasive to polish the surface of your teeth. The issue is the manufacturing and refining of this can have added pollutants and toxins.

Isopropyl Alcohols:  Studies shown can cause oral cancer, create dry mouth (xerostomia) which leads to receding gums of dried gum tissue and tooth loss.

Surfactants: Foaming clean fresh illusion created to “clean” your teeth.
Sodium lauryl (SLS) are known skin irritants, carcinogens, gene mutagens, hormone and endocrine disruptors. 

Synthetic Flavors:  Disrupt your oral microbiome.  Actually, contributing to gum disease.  Look out for mint and cinnamon- two most popular flavoring agents.  Menthols- is a synthetic- fake peppermint, cinnamaldehyde- fake cinnamon.  Scary Fact: many of these flavors can possibly be carcinogenic manufactured with benzaldehyde and acetaldehyde and using corrosive hydrochloric acid and sodium ethylate.  Look for real essential oils in Cinnamon Bark and Peppermint.

Titanium Dioxide:  Provides the lustrous white color we have been programed to like and abrasive to the enamel matrix. The European Food and Safety Authority has concluded that titanium oxide should not be considered safe as a food additive, due to uncertainties about possible inflammation and neurotoxicity.  Exposure can irritate the eyes, nose, throat.  It has been shown to cause lung cancer in animals.  Also shown to have the potential to cause reproductive damage in humans.

What saddens me is very few ingredients actually get removed and deemed unsafe .  

Have questions on your oral health?  Book a free consult on our website today!  

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