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Clenching, Grinding, and Stress can have a toll on your oral health.

Calming Ritual Kit is the perfect nighttime toothpaste for you to care for your tired, sore, inflamed, and bleeding gums and sensitive teeth.  Aromatherapy stimulates the olfactory center in your brain to relax and rest.

Balance your oral microbiome with rare earth clays, ormalite, humic & fulvic earth, trace minerals, vitamins,  ocean pearl collagens, prebiotics, theobromine cacao, nano-hydroxyapatite, and pacific flaked sea salts.   Simply a complex formulation to support your oral care needs.

Rest, Restore and Rejuvenate all that you are.  Attune to your personal rhythm, and adjust to the rhythm of life. 

Our Calm ritual combines Calm + Balance toothpaste to support the needs of your lifestyle.