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Welcome To Nirvana Dental Apothecary


Monday - Friday 

(905) 334-2873

3887 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario M9B 1L7

Free parking on the side street and behind the building along the fence.

We accept most insurance benefits & healthy smiles



Offering a super luxury brand of biological friendly oral care products.  Biocompatible, Organic, Vegan, Gluten/Wheat free, SLS free, Animal Friendly, Glycerin free, Alcohol Free, Canadian Made, Wildcrafted, and Fluoride Free.  


New Patient Exam

In order for your Registered Dental Hygienist to make a periodontal assessment, there is a need for an exam of the oral cavity, head and neck.  We check for bone loss, gum loss, oral cancer, and much more.

We accept dental insurance benefits 

Adult Fee $100.34

Adult Professional Dental Cleaning

Relax in our Spa like atmosphere, softly Candle lit, gentle Aromatherapy, and a peaceful Guided Meditation before you Biological Holistic Dental Cleaning. We use Biologically friendly Organic Oral Care Products.Try our Gum Mask at the end of your treatment. Includes: Oral Cancer screening, 45 minutes dental cleaning & polish and COVID-19 PPE fee.   

Optional: Gum Mask treatment cost $8.

We accept dental insurance benefits 

Adult Fee $207.68

Child Professional Dental Cleaning

Interactive, fun learning environment for your child to empower themselves, by learning how important the teeth are. Includes dental cleaning, polish, and oral care education. We use biological friendly oral care products. Sometimes the flossing fairy makes an appearance! Includes 15 minutes dental cleaning & polish and COVID -19 PPE fee.  

We accept dental insurance benefits & healthy smiles program.

Child Fee $96.46

Teen Professional Dental Cleaning

From Primary to Permanent Teeth
A Teen's sense of self-control, self-importance and independence are growing at this age. They have the emotional ability to delay gratification and prioritize. They assume responsibility for their personal and oral hygiene. We create a cool, educational, supportive environment. Discussing their needs and honouring  their growth.  
Fees Include: Oral cancer screening, 30-45 minutes dental cleaning and polish.
We accept dental insurance and healthy smiles program.

Teen Fee: $96.46- $207.68

Professional Whitening

The whitening option on the marketplace weakens the enamel matrix over time. We suggest using vitamins and minerals to strengthen your teeth.


We recommend Nirvana Dental Apothecary's Cacao + Nano-Hydroxyapatite Mineral Rich Prebiotic Toothpastes. 
Using Cacao, Nano-Hydroxyapatite, collagen, organic msm, organic yarrow, organic & wildcrafted botanical essential oils, organic MCT coconut oil, minerals, aluminum free organic baking soda, and calcium to nourish and whiten the dentin within and overall teeth.
results vary.

If you wish to use a mainstream whitening option- We can refer you to a Biological Dentist.

We suggest getting custom-made bleaching trays, made by a dental laboratory. A dentist can assist you with that. The whitening therapies are removing the enzymes from within your enamel rods using Carbamide peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Once you start synthetically whitening your teeth, you will be prone to doing yearly touch-ups, as teeth become more porous.