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Who's Tooth Foods?

  • Hey, what is it about your smile that made you look up the virtual holistic dental aisle for Tooth Foods?

    Conventional toothpastes - natural ones and non-natural causing you cavities and gum disease?
    Tooth Foods goes beyond and serves you meals for your teeth, gums and saliva.
    A feast for your oral microbiome.  We feed your good bacteria to eat and destroy the bad bacteria in your mouth.  We help heal, fed, eat and rejuvenate to naturally whiten your smile.
    What does it mean to naturally whiten your smile?   We nourish your yellowed malnourished inside of your teeth - enamel & dentin, back to it's youthful state.  
    Tooth Foods was conceived when our founder was 8 years old, made a wish to one day make a toothpaste with hydroxyapatite. "I had every molar and premolar filled with silver mercury amalgam fillings, by the age of 13.  My mother was a health nut, we didn't have any sugary treats in the house, and my brushing was ok but I used Crest Toothpaste that is a ph5.5, automatically placing my oral microbiome, saliva into a state of cavities and gum disease.  You need your ph of your saliva above 7ph.
    I suffered from childhood anxiety and gut health. 
    We now  understand the mouth-mind-gut connection.
    At age 8, I received a hydroxyapatite toothpaste from Japan, from my Nanny Ethel.  That was the first time in 6 months I didn't get cavities.   I noticed a change in my mind, breath, anxiety, and lack of bleeding gums and cavities. I wished to make a toothpaste that would feed my teeth.  We did just that and more.   Nirvana Tooth Food pastes, mouth rinse therapies and flossing serums.  We are your biocompatible oral beauty grocery store! 

     Tooth Foods tooth and tongue pastes TPTOH blends bio-minerals, pre-biotics, 10% nano-hydroxyapatite, theobromine,  vitamins and trace minerals and mood enhancing botanicals to help feed your mouth.  Quorum sensing bacteria botanicals.

    A new paradigm of oral beauty using aromatherapy to help stimulates your behaviours, thoughts, feelings and emotions to take conscious action while brushing and feeding your teeth, gums and saliva.

    Our Founder

    Sonia Pellerino, founder of Nirvana Dental Apothecary Clinics and  Tooth Foods.  A Canadian Biological, Holistic Dental Hygienist, Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer, and Passionate about supporting Humanity Awaken.     
    Past 12 years, we have been formulating in our biological dental clinics bio-mineral-holistic all- natural dental-grade oral beauty care products.
    "The ability to shift your reality using aromatherapy with your morning and evening swishing, flossing, brushing, and rinsing is revolutionary.  Traditional toothpaste oral care isn't working. It's destroying your oral microbiome.  Dental cavities & gum disease are on an all-time high." Founder, Sonia Pellerino Biocompatible RDH. 

  • “ Our oral microbiome mimics Earth’s oral microbiome, and our lifestyle’s microbiome.”  Sonia Pellerino RDH
    We value Mother Earth, consciously aware of only taking what we need.  We created Tooth Foods.  To help clean our waters, drains, and earth as you spit us down your drains.   We use biophotic violet glass jars maintain the bioavailability of the ingredients.  The cells in your mouth  eat organic, wildcrafted, sustainably sourced, and GMO-free products and materials to maintain the purity and integrity of our ingredients and planet.  I think it's imperative when bringing products to the world, you are bringing the best and also being environmentally conscious of how they support  your body and earth.  Especially when it is food for your oral health and overall well being.