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Fairy Dust Hydroxyapatite Tooth Vitamin Powder 30gr


  • Fairy Dust Magic
  • Ingredients
  • Oral Beauty Ritual
  • Tasteless Magic Fairy Dust Toothpowder are vitamins for your child and your own teeth.   15% Dental Grade Micro Hydroxyapatite is the Calcium and Phosphate structure of your tooth.   We are simply feeding your teeth the missing vitamins it requires to fight, and prevent cavities and gum diseases.   
    Pearl Powder is used for collagen to help strengthen and maintain healthy periodontal fibers of your gum tissue. 
    A prebiotic is used to feed your healthy bacteria to eat the bad bacteria in your oral microbiome.  Prebiotics are needed to prepare the bacteria for eating the probiotics for your gut health.
    We make Tooth food, a healthy meal for your teeth, saliva, and gums to eat. 

    Add a dusting of Fairy Dust to your toothpaste on your toothbrush or a naked toothbrush for a touch-up mid-day after a sugary-acidic-staining snack or drink.  Great for those wearing orthodontic braces.  

    1. Research states Dental grade 15% micro hydroxyapatite prevents cavities, heals cavities that have only penetrated your enamel (small decay,) and feeds the microbiome healthy bacteria- this means your fairy dust powder is food for your teeth, saliva, and gums. 

    2. Helps nourish and naturally whiten your teeth by feeding the inside of your teeth- the dentin.  Dentin when malnourished is dark yellow, which makes your teeth yellow.  When fed properly dentin begins to lighten and brighten teeth.  

    3. Studies have shown that by sealing in your enamel and root surface of your teeth with the minerals of calcium and phosphate you are repairing and healing sensitivity.  Hydroxyapatite was designed by NASA over 40 years ago for astronauts to prevent major decay in space.  They designed biocompatible minerals for the teeth to absorb and strengthen, preventing tooth decay.  Micro Hydroxyapatite are the minerals of your teeth.  It's that simple.  It's stronger than fluoride and performs better than fluoride- and it is not toxic.
    The gold star of oral food biocompatible care.

  • Dental Grade 15% Micro Hydroxyapatite

    We are using the highest amount that any toothpaste company offers.   We use the best in the world.  Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a form of calcium phosphate that makes up to 97% of tooth enamel and 70% of dentin and bone. Its efficacy comes from its capacity to repair teeth and bones.   The nanostructure of the Micro-aggregates is identical in size to your natural hydroxyapatite.

    It is  100% biocompatible and 100% bioavailable.  Helps with caries prevention, repair of micro-lesions (small cavities), pearlescent (restore dull teeth to shiny youthful white,) and tooth sensitivity protection. It can help remineralize and restore enamel. The majority of the enamel and dentin in your teeth is made from a form of hydroxyapatite.  Our micro hydroxyapatite feeds the dentin as well as the enamel. 

    Pearl Powder Collagen Strengthen and Tone your Periodontal Gum Fibers
    Pearl powder contains over 30 trace minerals, a natural, whole-food medicine array of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, and silica. Pearl contains a special compound known as conchiolin. Conchiolin is what gives pearls their rainbow luminescence. This unique pearl protein promotes healthy collagen production, possibly helping the gum tissue heal.

    Prebiotic: Inulin For Gut Health, Oral Health and Fights Decay & Bad Breath
    Significant reduction in the proportions of tongue bacteria associated with oral malodor, therefore helping to create fresh breath.  Studies have shown the capability to neutralize pH (cavity prevention), decrease inflammation, disrupt biofilm (dental plaque), and balance your Oral Microbiome+ creating a balanced oral ecosystem and gut health!

    Arrowroot Increases Alkalinity in Saliva
    Anti-inflammation, antibacterial and antifungal properties help prevent, fight and heal cavities and gum disease.  Increasing the ph of saliva to alkaline levels helps promote a healthy environment for strong healthy bacteria to thrive in the different oral microbiomes in your mouth.   Cavities and gum disease are prevalent with acidic saliva.  Arrowroot can also soothe sore inflamed mucous membranes of the skin of the mouth including gums. 



  •  USE:  Sprinkle some on your toothpaste, use as a tooth powder after brushing to leave on, or as a mid-day touch-up to feed your teeth tooth food.

    Adults:  Sprinkly some on your toothbrush, and/or after brushing, wash the toothbrush, shake off water, and dip a damp toothbrush into Fairy Dust.  Brush lightly all over, spit excess saliva, and leave on .  Do not eat or drink for at least 15 minutes after.

    There are different categories for kids.  See which one fits your child.

  • If your child has healthy oral care, first dental visit is when first teeth start erupting, then wait until around 3.5years old to 4 years old to use Fairy Dust.
    Request a free consult with our biological dental hygienist and founder, Sonia Pellerino.
    Ages 1- hypomineralization, losing enamel, cavity prone, baby bottle cavities.
    Usage: Clean teeth with only water, no toothpaste, and allow the natural oral microbiome to form, strengthen and evolve.  Avoid any sugar, fruits blueberries, mango, and watermelon- keep them very alkaline fruits.   Avoid raspberries when teething seeds hurt when stuck in the skin around new teeth that are erupting.
    Only use water on a Jack and Jill tooth finger brush, or a soft baby washcloth, and clean teeth using water only!   While singing a song, or telling a story to your baby.
    Apply fairy dust, don't use a lot of powder on the brush, as the child can inhale and cough,  dampen either using a Jack and Jill silicone finger toothbrush or your clean fingers, place the tiny amount on the toothbrush- fairy sprinkle amount- super small amount. and rub quickly on areas of teeth needed, allow to spit excess, wiping with a soft face cloth their mouth. leave on,  They may motion for breast milk if that is an option or water.  Breast milk you can offer immediately with proper suckling position, try to wait with water 10 mins.  If your baby is crying needing a drink, allow this to be a positive experience and give water immediately when needed.  It's a process, and we want it to be fully accepted with joy and love.   Apply morning and night after flossing and brushing babies' teeth.  Flossing with unflavored nature floss, wet with water, gliding super softly like the breeze of the wind between the teeth, do not go under the gums.  kids' teeth do not get flossed under the gums, they do not have extra gum tissue like adult teeth.  

    If your kids 1-3 have healthy food and drink choices, getting your dentist checkups every 6 months, dental cleaning starts at 3 years old, and the first dental checkup at age 1 or earlier if needed.  Then only use water on their toothbrush when brushing,  Do not use any toothpaste, please.  Please allow your child's oral microbiome to develop.  They develop extremely little plaque, so just wet toothbrushes or facecloths with water and brush singing, sharing a story joyfully and lovingly. 
    If your Kids 1-3 eat sugary treats, miss toothbrushing, no flossing, or have no dentist check-up visits start the fairy dust, and if drinking baby formula, especially at night, which we strongly recommend no baby formula at night.  We recommend using the world's best and most natural HOLLE baby formula with zero sugar added.  Organic, GMO-free, purchase the powder and make your own using filtered fluoride-free water, please.  Then use the fairy dust after brushing their teeth as directed above for age 1.

    Kids 3-4 years: eating healthy diets, but sometimes sweet snack with organic maple syrup, or honey- begin using Nirvana Kids Toothpaste those mornings and nights when sugar is consumed followed by a dusting of Fairy dust after brushing, leave on avoiding water 15 minutes after.  DAYS NO SUGAR JUST BRUSH TEETH WITH WATER FIRST, NO TOOTHPASTE, THEN ONLY USE FAIRY DUST, LEAVE ON.   Give their oral microbiome a chance to grow, develop and be strong and resilient.    only use Nivana Kids toothpaste when needed at this age group.

    Kids 4-5 and up. Begin using Nirvana Flossing Serum, Nirvana Kids TPOTH, and Fairy Dust.  Twice daily.  Fairy Dust can be used at lunchtime,  It's nice to carry some with you,  if you go on a day trip with the kids, they eat something sugary, give them a swish of water, little fairy dust with a clean finger or traveling toothbrush, and let then go to sleep on the way home in the car.  Feeding their teeth.

    any questions text us at 905-334-2873 or email

    Using Fairy Dust Tooth Vitamins:
    1. A clean wet toothbrush, shake excess water from the toothbrush, use a DAMP TOOTHBRUSH ONLY!
    2. Dip gently into jar 1/4 tip of brush, tap excess.
      Brush to cover all surfaces of teeth, spit- do not rinse off. Use daily 2-3 x daily to nourish, whiten and restore enamel and dentin and feed your healthy bacteria within your oral microbiome.
    3. Wash toothbrush, and place in Nirvana Clean Toothbrush Solution.
    Remineralize & Desensitizes Enamel. Prevents & Fights Cavities. Prevents Child Gingivitis 
    External use only. Dental Grade. Results Vary.

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