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Whether it's your first yoga retreat or you are a seasoned retreat goer" this Bundle is a must-experience for all levels!  

Let's use the natural anatomy of our mouth; we know the roof of our mouth has reflexology pressure points that stimulate our higher brain (prefrontal cortex) and pineal gland (third eye). As well, the aromatherapy used in our toothpaste gets inhaled and absorbed into your brain and body.

Ceremony Bundle helps balance your oral microbiome with rare earth clays, ormalite, humic & fulvic earth, trace minerals, vitamins,  ocean pearl collagens, prebiotics, theobromine cacao, nano-hydroxyapatite,  pacific flaked sea salts, and botanical oils. Simply a complex formulation to support your oral care needs.

Cultivate a union between the brain-mouth-heart-mind & soul. Our Master Aromacolgist formulated Yoga & Meditation blend to support the embodiment of your higher self in human form.  
Brush your teeth with intention, and mindfully state your intention for your yoga & mediation ceremony silently.  Spit out, but don't rinse, allow the residue of the toothpaste to permeate within. 

A Divine Combination  Yoga & Meditation + Balance + Love Lifestyle Toothpastes. 

Suggestions: Morning use: Yoga & Meditation

                      After your yoga and mediation use: Love Toothpaste

                       Bedtime brush with: Balance, allow your body to restore