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Clean Toothbrush Solution

  • Clean Toothbrush Experience
  • Ingredients
  • Oral Beauty Rituals

  • A luxurious solution for the maintenance of toothbrushes to avoid contamination with microorganisms. Toothbrush decontamination is essential to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms transmitted to toothbrushes during brushing from the oral cavity or from the other toothbrushes and storage areas. Within 2 days of the first usage, toothbrushes are heavily infected with potential disease-producing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Rinsing with plain tap water may reduce this microbial load, but complete elimination is not possible.  Decontaminating your toothbrushes before use helps support your overall health and wellbeing.

  • Ingredients
    3% Medical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Oral Care Ritual 
    Use a shot glass or small glass mason jar ( do not use plastic.)
    Place toothbrush brush head down- into a glass container, do not place other family member's toothbrushes into your container.  Each family member has their own glass.  Pour Clean Toothbrush Solution to cover the brush head.  
    Step 1. Morning: Pour Clean Solution into the glass,  After morning brush place in Clean Toothbrush Solution.   Allow to soak throughout the day.
    Step 2.  Bedtime:  Remove the soaking toothbrush from the shot glass.  Wah and Clean very well under running water, to remove  Clean Solution from the toothbrush.  Discard solution.  Add a new solution for night soak.