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Yoga Retreat Bundle

  • Experience Your Ceremonial Bundle
  • Oral Beauty Care

  • Embody your Higher Self.  The Ceremony Bundle is the enlightened oral care combination. Enjoy

     Yoga & Meditation, Balance, and Love Toothpaste before starting your morning or evening meditation and yoga ceremonies. Combine with lunchtime brush with Balance, and finish the evening after your ceremony with love, right before bed.  Embody who you are.

    Awaken Coconut Oil + Essential Oil Pulling Therapy 100ml
    Nirvana Flossing Oil with organic + wildcrafted essential oils 15ml
    Yoga & Meditation, Cacao + Micro Hydroxyapatite Mineral Rich Prebiotic Toothpaste 1oz
    Balance, Cacao + Micro Hydroxyapatite Mineral Rich Prebiotic Toothpaste 1oz
    Love, Cacao + Micro Hydroxyapatite Mineral Rich Prebiotic Toothpaste 1oz
    Ocean Anti-bacterial Mouth Rinse 60gr

    We combine essential oils with our organic MCT coconut oil to give a robust mouth rinse therapy.

    The act of oil swishing coats the enamel & exposed root surface and creates a negative feedback pressure between the teeth & under the gums, pulling up plaque, bio-film, and possibly crevicular fluid.  Swishing the oil vigorously for 1-6 minutes. The bacteria may enter back into the bloodstream via between your gums.  In 2010 our founder Sonia Pellerino, began adding essential oils to the MCT coconut oil rinse in her holistic dental hygiene patients, knowing that the bacteria being swished can reabsorb back into the body.  Using anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial essential oils helps support the body. 

    Our super luxurious flossing oil is the perfect gum serum to feed the cells of your teeth and the skin of your mouth.  Using wildcrafted and organic essential oil botanicals to soothe, rejuvenate and strengthen your gums by simply gliding the floss oil onto your floss and allowing the floss to carry the botanicals between your teeth, under gums, and into your bloodstream.

    Allowing the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antifungal & antibacterial essential oils to penetrate and circulate throughout your body. Your overall well-being.
    Your mouth's ecosystem is made up of a microbiome of healthy, thriving, and strengthening bacteria. We strive to keep a healthy balance in your microbiome environment.

    Our super luxurious lifestyle collection of  Theobromine+ Micro Hydroxyapatite Mineral Rich Prebiotic Toothpaste  

    Yoga & Meditation formulation helps stimulate your pineal gland, your prefrontal cortex, opens your soul star chakra and crown chakra.  Grounding supports connection to mother earth.  Connect to your higher consciousness above, below and embody it in human form—aids in channeling.  

    LOVE formulation helps stimulate your olfactory centre in your brain for thoughts, feelings, and emotions of embodying love .
    Fall in love with who you are.  Love yourself, the light, the dark, and the silenced.  Feel the confidence, the passion, the force of nature you are.  Feel sexy.  You are a divine sovereign being that is pure love.  Enjoy you.

    Balance formulation helps stimulate your olfactory centre in your brain for thoughts, feelings, and emotions of creating balance in your life.  What does balance mean to you?  How would bring balance into your life feel and look like?  Embody that.  Own it.  Become it. 

    Theobromine+ Micro Hydroxyapatite strengthens your enamel to decrease sensitivity and prevent cavities while nourishing and whitening with collagen, minerals, vitamins, and organic & wildcrafted essential oils.    

    Tooth Beauty, care for your oral skin, teeth, and microbiome.

    Created by a Holistic Registered Dental Hygienist, used in holistic dental clinics for over a decade. 

    Your mouth is your ocean.  Is your ocean polluted?  Our delicate, luxuriously refreshing organic peppermint antibacterial oral rinse is exquisite.  Imagine Bathing your skin and teeth in heaven on earth.  Revitalize your ocean.  Increase the alkalinity of your saliva, which is the vitality of your mouth.  Your saliva is the host of communication to your mouth and body.  Feed your saliva with goodness.  Clean your ocean.


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